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    Honda launched the Honda Brio and tagged it "I am created for you". Brio is surely an Italian word meaning "lively, cheerful and energetic." The structure and construction with the Brio are outstanding, and every part was carefully build with all the customer’s satisfaction planned. Honda Brio could be the second hatchback offering after Honda Jazz inside the small car market. Although this niche has already been overcrowded and populated, this car is making strides and turning heads due to the unique designs along with affordable price and ideal features. The advertising phrase for the Brio is "love is often a beautiful feeling only when it’s returned, Honda Brio loves you back."

    Exquisite Design

    The inner and exterior design of the Brio is just amazing. The back light of the car (which is one of its major selling features) is uniquely created from glass and located at the entry level. Initially, the Brio might look small but actually, it features a duration of 3.6 meters with space and enough room for leg rest and luxury in a car. With its excellent aerodynamic design theme, this car beats all its competitors in styling.

    The Honda Brio features a five passenger-seating space with sufficient leg room and head room, also it is available in either single tone beige (low-end variants) or double tone beige (high-end variants). You will find four air cooling vents around the dashboard which give it a bit retro hint with a ipod put into the horizontal for the instrument panel. The Brio also comes in colors like Alabaster Silver, Rally Red, Emerald Blue, Titanium Grey Pearl, Taffeta White and Crystal Black Pearl for many variants with this car.

    Excellent Performance

    The Honda Brio carries a 5-speed stick shift that could produce 88 PS of peak power at 6000 rpm and 109 Nm of peak torques at 4600 rpm. Furthermore, considering its lightweight and engine power, this car can deliver a good amount of acceleration of approximately 100kmph only for 16 seconds plus a maximum speed of 185 kmph. Fitted with a 1.2 liter engine, four cylinders, 16 valves and a powerful SOHC system, the Brio has comfortable breathing, which enhances the strength of the vehicle. The Brio is fully equipped with a fuel-tank capacity of 35 liters plus a PGM-Fi fuel type supply system thus thus, making this car remarkably fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

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