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    Diversity, like sustainability, is a kind of resonant abstractions that seize the flavour of our times. Rarely heard in everyday usage 10 years ago it’s a word, in polite firm, all of us now have to at least fake we perceive. When I’m coaching individuals in industrial semiotics I use as an imaginary prop a personality called the Semiotic Monkey, who sits in your shoulder and lets you be the digital client or pattern cultural superbeing to whom he has whole telepathic entry.

    If you discuss it within the abstract you miss it altogether, hence the necessity to concretize range in some kind of dwelling mosaic. It’s on the core of ideology right now – and ideology is something we stay and breathe not just something we profess or have safely parked in our heads. This is a continuation of some exploratory heat-up writing carried out in preparation for more formal work in progress, for ESOMAR, on variety tradition and semiotics. The ideas in this part were triggered in part by Linda Colley’s recent guide Acts of Union and Disunion, which explores Britishness and the mosaic of identities it brings collectively. Being Welsh is a vocation, sadly, a bit like being Russian.

    Luckily we’re very badly placed to ever begin a nationalist struggle in opposition to anyone. I even have tried to restrict my rumination in that direction to issues strictly relevant to range. It’s a safe wager today to assume that manufacturers are commissioning semiotic and cultural stories on how range is being communicated in numerous international markets and cross-culturally . It goes with out saying that digitalization and social networks, displacing the old media pillars of cultural unity and relative univocality, talk and feed again into all the pulsing lifetime of variety and mindfulness around difference that we now have been exploring here.

    As I began this piece my associate Hester, who voices documentaries, museum guides, ads, company training movies, cartoons and pc games, asked me what I was writing about. When I replied ‘diversity’, she mentioned “Oh, that’s a word I even have to say on a regular basis” and he or she requested “What does it imply?

    This is, importantly, the place her counterculture performance template digresses from her contemporaries. She straddles the fantastic line between commentary and self-participation by creating a narrative so hyperbolic the purpose of eliciting debate and introspection that, upon further inspection, not one of the other current artists seem to equally suggest of their efficiency of counterculture. Lady Gaga additional exhibits this postmodern ‘hyperreality’ notion by facilitating a display of ‘radical implosions’.

    And social networking instruments like Facebook or Twitter are properly advised to adapt semiotic methods to make sense of their very own massive knowledge sets in understanding and harnessing alternatives around the identical set of cultural phenomena. The prescience of semiological analysis is heralded in a textual content by Roland Barthes from as early as 1955, by which he speaks in support of cultural diversity and specificity in a language which would chime happily with the methods by which we’ve discovered to talk of diversity today.
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